Wrong reasons to get married .

Marriage is definitely one of those lifetime events most people don’t ever want to skip, especially ladies. Few believe marriage isn’t compulsory, some ladies believe having a husband isn’t a compulsory register to mark (there are few living proves in the entertainment industry). However, many fail to realise there are differences between Marriage and Wedding. The wedding goes with glamour and bits just an event, while marriage is about you and your partner; the happily ever after or disastrous ever after (the choice is yours).

A lot of people get into marriage because their peers are going into it, while others feel they are of age and they just have to leave their parents’ care to be independent. People get married for wrong reasons and they end up in a mess. A successful marriage takes emotional stability to happen or sly.

Don’t get married because your peers are getting married.

Getting married for sex

A lot of ladies do this, especially the virgins. They believe marriage is an escape for sex. No disrespect to your morality but don’t go into marriage so you can have sex when you like. It takes more than sex to make a marriage stand.

Getting married to escape loneliness.

At some point or the other, you would need loneliness. People fail to realise being lonely sometimes, brings in some good thoughts. Fine, nobody wants to be lonely but running into marriage wouldn’t stop you from being lonely.

Your parents are pressurizing you.

We all know how parents are, once they feel they are the only one without grandchild(ren) amidst their friends, they become uncomfortable and they would turn to you to provide them with grandchildren(ren). That’s the way it works with parents but this shouldn’t push you into marriages. You should find a way to stop them from nagging about marriage because they won’t be  with  you  during the hard times, be sure their voices would be louder if the marriage bends in divorce.
Getting married because there’s a baby bump.
80% of marriages now is basically because there’s a baby involved. Now, this is the latest marital error in town, you just don’t want to make such a mistake.  At the end of the day, there’s no love, just the baby and 60% of this kind of marriage ends in separation .

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