Witness slumps and dies in Lagos Court


Witness slumps and dies in Lagos Court

Confusion ran through an Ikeja High Court on Thursday when an unnamed witness slumped and died in the court before Justice O.A Olayunka over a land case.

As reported by The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the deceased, who was in his late 30s had come testify in a land dispute.

“Before he was called for trial, he started coughing ad gasping and had to leave the courtroom. He was vomiting a lot of blood and onlookers were scared to go near him”

“He collapsed on the corridors of the courtroom and a medical team came in an ambulance to take his body away. His lawyer informed Justice Olayinka of his client’s death and she immediately stopped proceeding for the day” a witnessed said.

The courtroom was filled clot of blood when NAN visited the courtroom. The blood could be seen on the corridors of the court as well as the blood stained shirt and slippers of the deceased.

“I am not authorised to speak on what happened in this court today, it is only the Chief registrar that can speak” A court registrar who pleaded anonymity told NAN.


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