Why she is a BITCH

A couple of times, women have been called ‘bitch’, it sounds offensive but at some point we deserve the name, when we gossip about other people is a specific characteristic in an everyday woman, getting angry over issues and the rest are petty things that truly make us deserve the name, but all these are old fashioned definition of a bitch. In recent times, there’s a new definition attached for bitch. Considering the fact that the society believes that a woman should go from being submissive to being a dummy and come up to tell everyone else that she’s performing her duties, I really don’t know where it is that a woman should become a dummy to become submissive, so she can be referred to as a submissive woman. Any woman that stands against the dummy proto-type is automatically a bitch

  1. They feel intimidated by what you possess:        Personally, I have been through this a lot of times, as soon as people want to point out your fault without having one, they come up with “she’s so pompous and full of pride”. They feel intimidated by every move you make and they get you the name
2.Voicing your opinion without caring about what they think:       Some of us are extremely free-minded that it hurts a lot people, they get uncomfortable with the fact that you don’t even want to know what they think as long as you can speak your mind, even when you know they will point nasty fingers at you.
3. You stand for what you believe:
  Naturally, people believe that as a woman you should step off the stage as soon as a man emerges, they just want you to shut your mouth as soon as you find a man saying something different from yours, the moment you beat out this mentality, you become a bitch.
4.When you refuse to say ‘yes’ to a guy that thinks he is fly:  Some men think so much of themselves, but bitches don’t see them that way. They expect ladies to come running after them because they look extraordinarily good (sorry, to disappoint you) but unfortunately, they look totally different to bitches. Once you say NO, to such guy he thinks of you as a bitch.
5.Being a Feminist:
 The society is made up of people who think being a feminist makes you a man – hater, well I’m proud to tell you I’m a feminist yet I’m not a man – hater. Feminists are people that believe a woman should be respected and given equal rights as men.
6. If you are a boss lady:
 Darling, you can be sure you have been called a bitch behind your back.

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