When Love Hurts

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When love hurts, there’s nothing you can do to change the situation …..(is this true? ) There are several things you can do when love hurts. There is always an option of ‘let go’, however, a lot of times, you’ve made up your mind on letting go but you look around  and realise it’s a queer decision. It’s no news that we are in a society that frowns at divorce, yet it’s getting hot inside. Setting aside religious perspectives, you need to see the bigger picture of what ‘divorce’ is capable of doing.

Most families still stick together, not because they are getting everything on a platter of gold or life on their path is filled with a bed of roses but they’d rather work things than go their different ways. Divorce and Separation aren’t as good as they sound. Phonetics and Euphemism are both beautiful but totally deceitful, divorce is pronounced in a beautiful manner and sentences made with it are always used in a pleasant manner. However, the actions that come along with divorce are the opposite of its sound and made statements. People breakup a lot of times, but they don’t realise it’s not about them alone, some other people are involved, especially their kids. ‘Swing Vote’ is one movie that directly points at what divorce can do to a family. Divorce doesn’t hurt the divorcees as much as it hurts the people around them.

Break it or Make it isn’t a collocation for couples, there is only one thing to do and it’s to keep making it stand. The day you took the vow in front of God, Families and Friends, you have sworn the oath of stand by each other regardless of the situation. You have been placed under the oath and going against the oath is like ‘Marital Treason’. Since you have vowed to always be on the same team with your partner, the option isn’t breaking, it is mending.


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