Ways To Bond With Your Partner

Ways to bond with your partner

Ways to bond with your partner

The beginning of a relationship is always about getting to know your partner. You talk over social networks for hours, go on dates and other things that brings you together. You think of everything interesting to do with your partner. You mildly question your partner about the future, hoping to find yourself in the dream. Your love for each other keeps developing and growing at this point. This process is called Bonding. Bonding makes the genesis of the relationship interesting, because both of you are still I the business of each other right.
As time goes on, you get to know the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ . You move from the part of Introducing yourself to the point of spending time together, see movies, listen to songs together. These aren’t signs of continuous bonding, don’t get me wrong these are fun things to do but things happen in a jiffy that you tend to forget who is before you. It is important to truly bond and engage with your love. If you are getting too connected to your gadgets and less connected to your partner. Why not try something new:

Bring In Novelty
Start something new, bring in new ideas to make your relationship seem like the first time. Whether it’s a new hangout, new meals you haven’t tried or a new sex position. Doing something new and exciting can bring excitement into your relationship. So do something new.


Travel Somewhere
Go on a trip and get to know each other, lodge in a hotel and get stuck in a room for days. I’m pretty sure after the trip, you will be back with the bond.

Teach each other
Another way to bond is to teach each other something new. This isn’t about the school setting thing; it’s about teaching each other interesting things. Discuss how to cook some foreign foods, teach each other any language. Teaching your partner how to play an instrument is another way to bond.

couples playing games

Play Games
See the both of you as a team. For more fun filled game, it’s nice to play as a team against another couple. But if it’s just the both of you, feeling free to play against each other, laugh over it and have fun.


Have a Date Night
There are times couples try to have a night date but end up having the television as the third party or perhaps have a couch ‘ting’. Have a night date but try something new, you don’t have to always vend it on the couch .

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