Undercover Husband – 4

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……My mum, I wasn’t ready to pick the call but I just had to. “Hello mommy, I’m fine” I replied her greetings. “Your sister is getting married in the next two months, so I decided to let you know, so it won’t be a shock to you” Ok ma, thank you ma. I ended the call in tears, it was my friends and now my younger sister, does any guy even  exist for me? I cried my head off, till I slept off again! I woke up in the evening time, the doorbell wouldn’t let me rest, I sluggishly walked to the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Alex, what does he want here? I starred at him for some seconds before he said “Am I not welcomed?” I made a passage immediately, “I’m sorry” I said, please come in. He walked pass me and sat on one of the finest settee in my sitting room. “I’m surprised you are here, you didn’t even give me a call before coming, what if I wasn’t around?” He smiled mildly and asked me to check my phone, which I did, I saw another set of missed calls, “I was in a deep sleep and I didn’t hear a sound” I said with a solemn tone, “I was at the door for almost thirty minutes before you heard the bell” He said satirically “I’m so sorry” I retorted.


He sat for few minutes and realised I wasn’t looking fine, so he asked me what was wrong, I couldn’t explain what am going through to him. “Anyway, I came to spend little time with you, but you don’t look fine, is there anything I can do to change this mood?” I looked at him with a heavy heart and a smiling face, I just needed to make him think I’m fine. “Don’t worry, I’m ok. Just the stress from the weekdays” I replied. In order to end his unending curiosity, I asked about his girlfriend “How’s your girlfriend?” “Oh! She is fine” He replied. “Hope you didn’t get to her late?” I asked, he just smiled without replying, he is too smart, “Now, what’s wrong with you? You only smiled with no reply” I voiced with a sense of anger. “C’mon its nothing, I didn’t get to her late, we are not cool but we are both acting like we are” He said. I got confused, how can lovers be “uncool” and act like they are, na wa o! “Do you mind sharing it?” I asked. He sighed, Victoria is her name and she used to be a very nice lady, not until she got a new job with a younger boss, she started acting funny” He explained, with his eye brow slightly squeezed downwards, like a baby with a lost pair of foot wear. Men cry within their hearts, I became sure of it, he spoke soberly but of a truth,  I was lost in thought,  I’ve engaged my heart in a conversation on why a lady would have a man like Alex and still get carried away by another man.


He stopped talking and all I could do was sigh, though I didn’t listen to the entire story but I felt his pains. He left my house later in the evening, and I felt lonely again. While Alex was with me, I felt like holding his face in my hands and kiss him passionately but I dare not.


Seconds, turned to minutes, days to weeks, Alex and I never skipped chatting for a day, we became really good friends that I almost forgot he has a girlfriend. It’s few weeks to my younger sister’s wedding and my mum never stopped reminding me of my age and the age difference between my younger sister and I. I just can’t help but wonder if she thinks I enjoy being single, I mean I go through cold nights and there’s no one to press my body to his, so I can feel his warmth. If only mommy is aware of what I go through on lonely days, she would realise I don’t enjoy being single. There was a particular occasion, I went to visit her, unfortunately for me, Grace’s boyfriend came to check on Grace, Mama totally embarrassed me that day, she said; “My son, this is your wife’s older sister, her name is Miss Phillips”, I felt embarrassed, the name wasn’t necessary, I know she was trying to make a point. I cried back home and that was the last time I visited her house before the wedding.


Exactly one week to Grace’s wedding I told Alex what I’m going through and how frustrated my mum has made me. I had no idea why I told him but one thing was sure, I did the right thing, because I had no one to tell, Tania is always unavailable, she rarely came home during those times.


My sister’s wedding day was historical, mum never stopped firing shots at me but my crying days were over, cos I already have a solution. I walked into her traditional wedding venue majestically, in my “aso ebi” that was proudly sewn by “Mama Onome” I purposely made myself unavailable before the ceremony commenced, just to get my mum off my back. As soon as she sighted me, coming in alone, she looked at me with a bit of hatred in her eyes, I didn’t feel bad because I was expecting that. The traditional wedding ended with Mama giving bad glances but I enjoyed every bit of her look, as soon as the population got decreased and people were preparing to attend the church wedding, my mum held me by the wrist like a little child that was caught stealing, and led me to her room,  I was boiling within me. Just then, Alex showed up in his own “aso ebi”, “Good Morning ma, hello, Joy” He greeted, I smiled broadly “Thank God you made it here just in time” I said. Mama looked confused, so I did the introduction, “Mama, this is Alex, my friend, Alex this is my mum” “Your friend” Mama said repulsively, I guess Alex read her thought through her looks but then he totally saved the day , “Yes ma, I’m her fiance” He said. Mama smiled, and I was so glad our plan worked. The rest of the ceremony was peaceful because Mama made sure she showed all her friends that her older daughter would be married soon. I never knew that the game of pretence could be so nice, Alex and I made sure we were noticed by people around, we kept on whispering into each other’s ears. Just to get attention from people.


The drama finally came to an end when the wedding was rounded up, I got back to my flat totally fulfilled, even while I knew Alex was just a cover. I met Tiana crying in her room, I was surprised because I’ve never seen her cry, I had to persuade her before she told me what happened, Akin has been cheating on her smartly for the past three months and now she got to know. I wondered how he managed to, because she stays in his house often than her own home. I felt for her because I’ve been there a couple of times, I made sure she was better before I left her room. That night, my imagination travelled wide, I started reminiscing the drama Alex and I acted during the day, I was almost sleeping off when my phone rang, its Alex, I smiled.



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