Tuned by Cartoons

We have all been to that imaginary world where everything is possible, we are almost always happy, life is perpetually fun and without fail results in happy endings… So u think why are some adults still hopelessly in love with cartoons???
Do they not really grow on the inside? Why would they spend their time on something so far removed from reality?
We think they dwell in the fake and impossible world of colours, pictures and scenes from the surreal and ethereal world where nothing hardly ever goes wrong… ‘Wake up, grow up!!!’, we tell them…
But permit me to commend and even identify with these brave souls who have refused to be confined to the conventional definitions of the big , grown up words: ” possibility and reality “.
These refuse to see the world for the depraved state its in but choose to see it for the Paradise it could be. They sharpen the greatest gift given to man- the imagination- by feeding it on the so called cartoons. These like Peter Pan may refuse to grow but that is what makes them like him, able to fly…
These ones due to their unique state of mind possess keen curiosity which places them in a unique position that empowers and enable them to drive advancement in all areas of human endeavour. You will definitely agree with me that nothing worthwhile that relates to development ever emerged on the global scene outside the fertile grounds of the imagination. Even Albert Einstein said that ” Imagination is better than knowledge “…
So while facts and figures are appropriate and do have their place in maintaining the society, imagination also has its place in in advancing the society. Accumulating facts and figures only amounts to thinking inside the box, exploring the vast and uncharted waters of imagination is the driving force of this thinking outside the box.
With an active imagination, you are never bored. Because as someone aptly put it: curiosity is the cure for boredom.
So let the cartoon lovers be…you might want to balance your realism with their optimism…

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