Time has been defined by the dictionary as the “point or period at
which things occur”
Managing your time well is very essential for your personal growth and
There are two types of TIME which is Clock time and Real time.
Clock time is the 24hrs makes a day we know while Real time is
relative, time obey your control over it, its either drags or flies
depending on what you do.

Mastering time is a conscious effort by you to know the specific
amount of time you spend on certain activities, especially to increase
your effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. The Real time you have
is to give you the capacity to manage your 24hrs wisely. Through
survey i deduced that people generally spend their time on 3 basics
Everything we do is comprised of these things, knowing what it is
gives you the ability and opinion over it. These factors sums up your
live success.

One of the key things that will aid you in this is the ability to prioritize your thought, conversations and Actions. Know what you want to do per time and daily make a goal of each day. You need to know what you want to achieve daily. While it is not possible to remove all distractions (except you want to live in a private island), but doing something as little has switching off your phone, ignoring unnecessary Emails might be pertinent. The Pareto principle still applies here too, 80% of your daily result is from 20% of your activities. Your success or your failure can be closely link to how well you use your TIME well. Plan out your day using 20-30mins when you first wake up, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. We all have 24hrs to make our day count, Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Dangote, Adenuga etc all have the same number of hours to make their day count, you can borrow for last minute or the next one what you only have is now. Manage your time well, that’s the most precious gift you can give a man, what you spend your time on shows what you value, if you don’t value it, you won’t spend your time on it. How bad you want to succeed in life depend on it.


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