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Of all existing irony, the situational irony is the most delicate and realistic of all. The dramatic irony apparently happens in plays but you know too well that the situational irony can always work with realism and plays as well.

Situational Irony exists when the actual outcome of a situation is the opposite of the expected outcome.

Looking around, you might realise that most of the things we are surrounded by are bound my situational irony. The lives we live most times don’t turn out the way expect , Relationship life most times fall into this category, however, that aspect can be regarded as personal.

We are commonly bound by few things- Politics, Religion, Parenting et al.

About Politics

The Political aspect can easily pointed at in this society of ours. We are all familiar with the political situation across the nation. Politicians raise our hopes and make us dream big and beyond current situations, only to drop us in the middle of nowhere. Most citizens are so gullible that they go on following negative orders from these so called leaders, while others go on whining over the situation.  Nonetheless, another 4years is on its way and is going to be Déjà vu.

We fail to realise that we tend to find ourselves in a situational irony repeatedly. We have young and agile people roaming the streets, whining and complaining over what is and what should have been. The truth is, magic don’t exist in real life, we have all failed to face realism and buckle up to go on the ‘big challenge’. ‘African-wise’, we all believe the leadership seats are meant for old folks, when we can actually fit into that seat, perfectly.  If things are not happening aright, let’s quit complaining and set forward in every way and sphere.

There’s currently a particular parliamentarian ‘trending’ the internet, all I see are different forms of complaints laying as comments on each of his trending videos. Those with the phallic mind spurt their mind and their discomfort as regards the situation, but there are more people needed to stand up to right these wrongs .

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