I recently wrote a post on things a husband needs from his wife (which I’m sure you enjoyed), however, most readers sent me mails while few dropped their comment(s), asking me for the things wives need from their husbands.
Every husband needs to realise that his marriage isn’t just about his wife alone, it is meant to inspire your kids as well. The kind of love you show your wife is a teaching to your son on how to handle his wife when he gets married and you are telling your daughter “This is the way you should be handled by your husband in the future”. As a man, you have to try as much as possible to give your family the best. I had conversations with different women and these were the top 5 things I got from them;

1. Your Time: Every surviving relationship is due to the time factor. Time is the ‘legal tender’ when it comes to relationship, you just have to be there for her; else, she will learn to live her life without you, take responsibilities without your intervention, thereby leaving to be an insignificant figure in the home. Sure, you have to be away to make money, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to always be away from your family.

first time
2. Always make it feel like the first time: Lot of marriages have failed due to the mind-set of “she’s going nowhere”, “we already have kids”. All these are not good reasons for you to stop the romance. Even if you are above age 60, make it feel like you are still in your late twenties. Give your verbal affirmation about your love for her every day, let her know how you still feel about her. Don’t be too old or holy to let your wife know you love her.


3. Be Supportive: The totality of a happy family is due to the support from both partners. No denying, some women are extremely independent in nature, but that doesn’t stop you from playing your role as a husband. Your support would always count at every level, either in the domestic area or nondomestic area.


4. Prayers: A lot of people believe and preach the gospel of women praying for their husbands, what would happen if men pray for their wives as well? Your wife needs your prayer, even if it’s just few words of prayer, she needs those words.


5. Protection: As a man ( a true man) it’s your responsibility to protect your wife; physically, emotionally, and financially. Be her drug of relief and not the problem she has. There should be a feeling of security whenever she’s with you.

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