Things a husband needs from his wife.

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 As much as a relationship needs to be handled with care,  so does marriage needs extra care. Few days ago,  I got caught up in a heavy traffic when I noticed the car on the next lane which is apparently occupied by a couple.  They were having an argument that really looks bad,  the woman alighted from the car and boarded a public transport. I had a great disappointment in her because no matter what happens,  getting off your own vehicle isn’t an option…. Now back to SMB,  their misunderstanding got me inspired to tell their story. However,  you might have to read through ‘Things a husband needs from his wife’

1.  He needs your encouragement,  not rejection.

2.  Believe in him,  he needs it.

3.  He needs you to pass your message across politely rather than nagging.

4.  Your husband needs your prayers.

5.  Forgive him of his past errors, don’t dwell in the past.

6.  Take him over to your side when he is down

7.  He needs you to listen to him sometimes, if not at all times.

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