The ‘cool’ Syndrome

The Editor-in-chief wants me to write something cool and so I told her: cool it is, except that the coolest thing I can think of now is the weather… But if I may allow me to explore the concept of being “cool”. To be “cool” literally means to behave in a manner that is generally found appealing especially by young people. It encompasses gait, language, vocabulary, intonation, fashion, wit, sense of uniqueness and bravado. A typical adolescent will go to any length to be perceived as cool by his/her peers. It is this desire that actually drives and empowers peer pressure. But before we consign the significance of this article to just adolescents, I want u to think about how many times you have done something simply to impress people that do not matter especially at a great personal cost. So you see the “Coolness Syndrome” cuts across every strata of human development.
I had a chat with a youngster and he was complaining about being broke, and I really felt for him, I was about handing him few thousands when his phone rang and he was engrossed with the talk and I heard something funny from him ” I am cool” ….. My heart went bop! pop! hop! I was like ” A broke guy is suddenly, I better remain hot, because I really hate to be broke” After the call session, he continued with his sober talk accompanied with a sober look, he was expecting me to hand him the cash. In my words ” You are cool right? ” He answered “Yes” .. I told him it’s good be cool but I am hot which isn’t a good sign. I told him to stay cool while I stay hot with my money. The thing is don’t say “I’m cool” when you are not.
The origin of this phenomenon is in our ego and our unhealthy desire for public acknowledgement ..without the backing of the majority. To me, being cool is being unequivocally good…But before u pull that next “cool stunt” or undertake that “cool move”, think how cold and stupid you will be left feeling after you are done. Responsibility and maturity are the remedies to undue “coolness”. It’s okay to possess mannerisms and bearing that makes one standout in an admirable fashion but not at the cost of one’s sanity or sensibility. The true ” cool” is to be Willing not only to stand out but to stand up for something significant even I
Today, we’ve talk about being cool. Next time, we might talk about being “hot”

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