Took me a while to figure why most people end their relationship before they think about how it can be saved. An African adage goes: “The cure to headache isn’t to behead”. There’s a ‘boiling’ kind of reaction in everyone whenever they are hurt, but that doesn’t mean the reaction wouldn’t get suppressed, it’s just a natural thing. You are pissed, you react but give it a little while and see the next feeling you have.
I spoke with few people that recently had break up issues and I realise they wish they could take back the moment they were angry and never dropped those angry words to end their relationships. They wish they never pointed out the faults immediately. Even I have fallen victim of such moments a couple of times, it will seem just so natural when that little moment comes to wreck it but the minute calmness shows up, It feels like one have felt the speed of light.
It would only take you a few moments not to try to point out your partner’s faults angrily, be calm and then discuss it.
One of the people I spoke with had a really bad experience, he had been in the relationship for quite some time, until the lady had to complete her Post – Graduate program, she got really busy and had little or no time for him. The young man got worried and felt she was probably seeing someone else because he believed school shouldn’t take so much time. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong and instead of having a calm discussion with her, he decided to use her flaws against her. Mind you, it’s not as if he saw her cheating or had any information whatsoever, he only felt something was fishy, which was a pretty wrong assumption. The wrong assumption practically led to the end of their relationship. He really wish he could take back the moment, but he can’t.
There are lot of people who might be in this kind of situation, they are probably feeling pained from whatever their relationship is going. You don’t have to end it, except u feel after a month, u will have the same feeling of letting go.
That feeling of anger is always temporary, it doesn’t really last long.

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