Teenage Dating (Yah or Nay)

Teenage dating is a very common act anywhere in the world but a lot of time, teenagers and adults have argued over how good and how wrong it is. But here is something to help teenagers through their choice at this stage.

1. Dating isn’t meant for ‘kids’ your age. Teenage is meant for you to find and get to know yourself, the best person you can ever be with at this stage is yourself. If you can’t find yourself it is rare to identify who fits or suites your kind of person. You just can’t afford to jump at anybody that comes your way and get into any form of mess.

2. The essence of dating is to get to know  your spouse before getting married which I think is meant for youth. Ask a teenager to explain his/her motive for dating, I can bet the answer would be “I just want to gain experience”. No denying some teenagers are physically. Mature but they are not emotionally and psychologically mature. At this stage, a lot of things are still building up in them, ranging from their body, to their brains and other sensitive parts of their body. Even for people above teenage, their body system keep growing. For instance, a woman’s body does not stop growing till she turns 25, though a lot of people fail to realise this but I think it’s not ideal for you to have babies while you are still growing.

3. When you have someone you refer to as your boyfriend, every thinking of yours revolves around that person. You will become over concious about that person, you wouldn’t want to do things that might get the person crossed, even if it will favour you. Now, look at it from this angle, if you transfer the focus you give to your partner to your studies imagine what you will achieve. I think it’s time for diversion.

4. Some teenagers believe dating brings confidence into them. The truth is ; YOU DON’T NEED ANY OPPOSITE SEX TO BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE. Build your own confidence, people of true confidence are aware that their worth isn’t tied to a relationship.

5. Teenage is a stage of life, who you need to stay single. Don’t judge me… but you can be sure that’s the best way to run things. You are meant to enjoy this stage of your life. The moment you get into dating at this age, all you will focus on is getting to love your partner when you are suppose to love yourself.


Accept your singleness while you are a teenager, it doesn’t mean you give up on your desire to find true love but the lesson is to learn to enjoy the ride right here and right now.

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