Stop domestic violence

Stop Domestic Violence 

Sometimes ago, rape became rampant in our society, but recently, it is co-existing with domestic violence. Domestic violence has been addressed by different people from different backgrounds. Most people it’s a very wrong approach while few still believe its no wrong turning a woman into a punching bag or using her as an object of anger relief.

The problem I have with domestic violence isn’t just about the ongoing ones or those that had happened in the past, but I find it disturbing to realise some young men believe its fine to  hit their girlfriends when they get pissed . I came across a post on Facebook asking if its right for guys to beat their girlfriends when they have any form of misunderstanding, so I went through the comments and at the end of it all, I decided to have a count. I realised having gone through about 25 comments, 12 out of 15 guys believe it’s the best way to correct a woman. It dawned on me that there’s a big issue to ahead of us all to be addressed, but then I wouldn’t wait for the future to meet up with me before I address these bad signs that are already coming up. A lot of guys come up with unbelievable statements just to justify their silly beliefs, they would say “She came for my money, she has to pay the price” , “She’s too stubborn and I have to put her place” . A long list of excuses can be stated but I put it to guys with this mentality that they are extremely irresponsible. I’m not sure any of them would love to see their daughters been treated in such an absurd manner.

There have been rounds of domestic violence amidst the Nollywood actresses, a lot of people see their situation as a means of faulting these women, some said acting is a bad career for women, some said these set of women are pompous due to their cash worth, a lot of people believe they deserve this ill-treatment because that’s the only means their husbands could correct them.  I proudly say to people in this category “SHAME ON YOU!”

Most these women in question had their careers before ever getting married, and mind you, no one is super-human due to their jobs. I remember vividly the story of a female police officer that was always being beaten by her husband, it got to a stage, the DPO in the woman’s station had to send words to the man that the next time he lays his hands on his wife, he would be put behind bars for some days before he stopped this inhuman act.  A woman’s job doesn’t change who she is or the way she handles things.

A lot of women are victims of domestic violence while some are survivors. The few women that got their situation stated over the internet  is due to the fact that they are famous, what about the average Nigerian woman that isn’t a movie star or a police officer? Who would voice out for her? Some women have lost their sanity due to domestic violence, should we all sit back and relax while things go wrong? The next victim might be your beloved one, it better we all see this act as a societal vice and has to be eradicated by all means; even the law should be involved in this.
We only get to hear the voices of women been raised against domestic violence while few men agree to them.

It’s meant to be collective responsibility to stand against this evil deed, it shouldn’t be assigned to some set of people. Tell every angry man around you to go pay for a boxing session at the stadium and punch the bag till he has exhausted his anger and not hit his woman. Let’s all stand against domestic violence.


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