Sitting in a Rocking Chair

When I just got my rocking chair, everything in my room seemed to need me to sit to fix. When I needed to make a little arrangement in my book shelf, my rocking chair became the help, to read became something I’m new to, because I had to sit in my chair. As soon as I realised it’s beginning to make a lazy version of me, I kicked against it.
Having everything come to you easily, is very cool but sometimes it makes you take things for granted.Most people believe good life is about not working for things and getting it, you might be right but I can say you are wrong 24hrs a day. Good life is totally the hit! It’s a perfect lifestyle, but you have to find a way to work for one. Imagine you come home every day to give a kid cookies and you keep giving this kid the same thing even without being appreciated. Do you know that after a little while this kid will end up wasting this little gift….why? ‘Cos its coming in freely, and he doesn’t even need to appreciate the source it’s coming from, thereby taking every bit of it for granted. That’s how most of us handle the kind of life we live.
Getting things freely isn’t a crime but hey! How do you handle this things you get freely, no denying, for the fact that we are humans we are bound to ‘misbehave’ maybe a few times…. If this good life you so much yearn for is what you work for, handling it will be categorically different. If you are still sitting in that rocking chair ,it’s time to get your butts up.

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