Room 108

The evening became boring to me after the incident, I could not tell my mum what happened neither could I look into my dad’s eyes. I wish I never listened to Tonia, I was extremely innocent and I never intended to get into the online dating game.
Three weeks ago, I was walking down from the Tutorial Centre with my friends when they started discussing their boyfriends. I was automatically shut out of the discussion because I had no guy with me but I’m only 16 and I don’t really think it’s necessary for me to keep a guy at that age. “Have you heard about the newest dating site in town?” Tonia asked I didn’t give her any concentration because I never expected her to ask me such a question. “Shade I’m talking to you” She said I was caught by surprise why on earth will someone ask me about a dating site, I don’t have time for such, I’m always reading for my exams or stuck in my room with my Bible. I answered her reluctantly ” No, I don’t ” . They all laughed at me, I felt embarrassed . Ellen took up the talk session about the dating site, I told them I wasn’t interested.
I got home that day feeling like an alien, my friends have boyfriends while I don’t even have one. I picked my white blackberry bold five with it’s Mickey mouse pouch attached to it and calmly pressed the site address on the web browser. I looked through the page and filled the starter page, I was smart enough not to use my real name, or drop my phone number to my profile, I used Trisha and I didn’t fix any picture, because I was not ready to let any of my friends realise I later took up their advice.
I met a couple of men, I chose men of ages 20 – 40. I don’t know what I was thinking but yes I chose them. A week after, I became acquainted with them and I was enjoying every bit of it. I got more familiar with one of them; Felix. Felix seem nice and understanding, he will chat with me for hours during the day, even while am in class, I still manage to reply his messages. He told me he needed to see me, I became scared because I have never left my parents’ house without actually telling them about my location. I was curious to see how Felix really looks, he seem to be the only one I feel connected with amidst the number of men I chat with.
The week passed and I had the opportunity to check on Felix, Dad was out on a business trip, my Mum went to her store, and I finally have the weekend to myself. Felix sent the rendezvous, I could barely sleep that night , I just wish the time could run ahead. I slept off and didn’t know when my phone fell off my hand.
The morning came, longer than expected I dressed like I was going for tutorial and rushed out of the house leaving my mum to her own preparation. “Bye Mum” I said shouted as I rushed out through the front door and off to the gate. I mounted the available bike and head out of my neighborhood, I felt strange within me, because I was going off limits but I can’t go back now, Felix will be expecting me, after one hour of going through Lagos weekend traffic, I found my way to the hotel address he sent me. I walked into the reception and told the receptionist I needed to see someone by the name “Felix” , she looked at me with a mixed reaction, she checked through the records and called the room he occupied. She dropped the phone and told me to check Room 108, I thanked her and left. I climbed the stairs with questions in my heart about how Felix might look, I got to the door and knocked, the door opened slowly with Felix hiding behind it hoping to surprise me, well, we both got surprised when this happened. I walked in with a smile I look behind the door……
“Daddy! ” – “Shade!” . And the world became silent.

Light fade.

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