Restructuring…. all round exercise

Well, since everybody is talking about restructuring, I guess the crew at SMB should not be left out. Albeit, we’re going to take a slightly different twist.
There is this prevailing thought that we were ‘thrown together’ by the colonialists. But permit me to say this: thrown together are not, we are somehow stuck on each other. You are stuck on me, I am stuck on you; Hausas are stuck on Igbos and Igbos are stuck on Yorubas. Seeking separate States with an unstructured mind will simply be a ‘PHCN’ (Problem Has Changed Name) case. Having had Nigerians from several parts of the Federation govern this nation at one point or the other and seen no marked difference, I think it is high time we sought a ‘change of self’ rather than a change of government. In other words, the only thing whose restructuring will be of any benefit to anyone is the individual. We forget that the it is the sum of the parts that make up the whole; there is no government without the governed, he who governs the people is taken from among the people. Therefore IPOB, MASSOB, AFENIFERE, AREWA or whatever other sociopolitical hegemony agitating are simply implicating themselves and setting up themselves and their adherents for a fresh round of failure if they would not prioritize self-overhauling over national hell-raising.
So folks, before we look outward, let us talk a long, thorough look inwards. À banana Banana Republic is no different from a Monkey Country…size not withstanding, they will both be ingloriously governed…

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