Relationship Principles

Relationship principles are unarguably endless, but you just need to keep going through them to build a wonderful relationship. According to Sherry Argov, as soon as woman hands a man a more serious commitment on a silver platter, he’ll be reluctant to take it. It is advisable to slow down in any relationship, it is the best way to run things and of course be in control of the relationship.
Rule 1: Don’t introduce him as your ‘boyfriend’ right away. You have to make it seem like you haven’t decided what will go down between you both.
Rule 2 : Avoid looking into his eyes for long, you might feel it is romantic but to him he feels he is like a prey you are the gazelle. That’s how men feel when you do the goo-goo eyes too early.
Rule 3 : Don’t be bothered by his ex-girlfriend’s pictures and don’t try to make yours replace them. Slow and steady wins the race.
Rule 4: Don’t get families involved until hr truly gets serious with you, don’t take him to your family and don’t go with him to see his.
Rule 5: As much as you hold back the ‘M-BOMB’ the ‘L-BOMB’ should be held back as well. You don’t love him yet, even if you do, be sure you need to keep your ‘confessions’ to yourself till he yearns for it.
Rule 6: Don’t try to play saint, nice or humble… just do you.
Rule 7: Don’t rearrange his disorganised apartment, you don’t want to be treated like a maid.
Rule 8: The less you try to sell yourself, the more self-assured you will seem.

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