Politics and Politicians

The mere mention of the word brings to mind an ugly picture of conspiracy, intrigue, back stabbing, god fatherism, partisanship and all sort of issues that seem to tear us apart rather than bind us together. Politics by nature is an offspring of democracy famously defined by that great statesman, Abraham Lincoln describes it as a government of the people, for the people, by the people. However, in this part of the world, the definition could as well be: a government of the people, for some people, by some people. It has turned to a game of no permanent friends but permanent personal interests. One thing that makes politics so attractive, even seductive is the massive power and resources attached to it. Usually, the politician thinks he is ruling the people while he should be thinking he is a steward of the people. A misplaced sense of responsibility- responsibility for oneself rather than the masses causes most politician to veer of the straight path into the murky waters of corruption. Even a man who has the best of intentions while vying for office might go astray if he lacks the discipline to resist temptation of dipping his hands in public coffers when confronted with the significant volume of the community’s commonwealth accumulated In a single place, under his care. Redesigning our constitution to arrest loopholes long before they appear and to encourage service delivery over debauchery is of the essence if we are to survive as a community/nation. Another important element of politics is association. The dynamics of association in the political arena is governed by terms Such as loyalty, caucus, party, alliance, godfather and so on. The truth is that every aspect of human endeavour, as long as it involves people of diverse interests will involve a measure of politicking. We gravitate towards people of similar interests. So, to an extent, politics is inevitable. This precipitation of people into layers of like disposition leads to the formation of political parties. But being different is should not be a basis for conflict. Aligning with people of a particular bent should not mean ignoring or even worse, quarreling-viilently or not with people of unlike Character. Variety is the spice of life, diversity is a vehicle for Beauty. The political arena should be like a canvas on which the various aspects of human culture and ideology should be proudly displayed. It should be the bond, the beauty and the bliss the human society. Where I come from, we say: there are many ways of accessing the market. Politics should be a platform where we try to show ourselves the different ways of entering the brighter future ahead of us…

But can we say our politics is Hierarchical? ¬†Our leaders are arranged and organized in nested form, while one is still sitting on the the power, another is already waiting in line to suceed him. It seems the voice of the people doesn’t count again, elections are not usual practice that doesn’t have effect or determine the next man coming into power…. or can we say we are practicing morchical style of leadership, the same set of people ruling us ever since independence are still ruling, now replacing themselves with their wards and family.

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