The Mind-set of a Winner

Right from childhood, we have all been told that winner always win, no matter what happens. But many times, we were not told about the failure that hit winners sometimes and a lot of us, tend to fail once in a while and think ” uh…i’m a loser” nay, you are not!

A winner isn’t someone who doesn’t fail, but a winner rise up stronger to the challenges after falling a couple of times. I believe we are familiar with Bill Gates’ story who constantly failed but never gave up, he is a Harvard university drop out. He was a co-owner of a failed business Traf – O – Data, yet he never stopped trying. Today, the one time dump student and business is the richest now!

Jack Ma is another successful man that wasn’t born with a silver spoon or a super power but made it to the top. Jack failed in college 3 times and applied for job 30 times but never got one. When KFC got to China, he was among the 24 applicants but he was the only rejected one. He applied into Harvard University 10 times but was rejected . Today, Jack Ma is the CEO and Founder of Alibaba Group.

These are to mention but a few people who attempted going higher a couple of times and failed but never stopped trying. They are not just winners, they are Super Winners

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