Amidst women, there are some women that cannot but be noticed due to their attitudes. We have:

These kind of women are super-dependent; they just want to be around their man anytime any day, they are just insecure in their relationships. They would monitor their partners with calls even when they are not together. They tend to be independent before the relationship but as soon as they find a space, they become so needy that they turn themselves into ‘watch dogs’

                 THE CONTROL FREAK

People tend to mistake independent women for control freaks, independent women would do things on their own regardless of what their partners are willing to do for them, they just do things they want as long as they would get comfort from it. The control freak might not even be of help to her partner but gives ‘orders’, these kind of women basically run their relationships. They tell their partners where, when and how to do things.

A woman in this category can be extremely difficult to please, she’s the strong kind of woman that uses her strength negatively, she’s just too hard to break. No matter what happens, her hatred for men wouldn’t let her get hurt. She wouldn’t give her all in the relationship, her shield would stop a lot of things in the relationship. It’s just always going to be about her.

            THE GROUCH

There’s nothing you can do to satisfy this kind of woman, she virtually complains about every single thing that happens in the relationship. If you care about her, you care too much and when you let her be, you are cheating on her. There’s just nothing you can do to satisfy her.



The copyist doesn’t get satisfied with whom she is, she wants to be every female celebrity on screen, she doesn’t even know whom she is. She isn’t comfortable with whom she is and so she takes up every other person’s identity.


She reads meaning to every single word that drops out of your mouth, she wants to know why you made the statement you made some days ago. You would explain every single step you make because she’s always reading meanings.

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