Jaw breaking cake designs

Cakes are so tasty and when it’s well designed you just don’t want to miss a bite. Here are exceptional cake designs that you might want to try out.

  1. Earth – Shaped Cake

earth shaped cake

2. Red Dragon Cake



3. Library Cake

library cake


4. Beat tha drum cake

Beat tha drum

5. James Bond Cake

James Bond


6. Snake Cake

snake cakeIMG-20160502-WA009

This will definitely leave you wondering about how this designer did it.

7. Giraffe cake


8. Panda Cake

panda cake

9. Star Wars

star warss

10. Cake in the Air

cake in the air



Inspired by Architect and Design

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2 Comments on Jaw breaking cake designs

  1. As a cake lover and a pastery Chef, I must commend that this are unique cake designs and has taken lots of time and creativity to achieve all this. As long as we set our minds and heart to it we an achieve anything… Don’t limit yourself..

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