While dishing out pre internship tips, we promised to bounce back with tips that will help you during internship/placement and post internship/placement tips, We are happy to get the promise fulfilled…here are tips to help you during and after internship/placement.


During placement

As a student you have a responsibility to:

1. Act professionally with regard to punctuality, attitude and image, and dress according to uniform policy at your placement.

2. Be proactive in seeking out experiences for your level of practice and competence with the support of your mentor or placement boss.

3. Demonstrate a willingness to work as part of the team in the delivery of excellent services.

4. Learn to express your needs and adopt a questioning, reflective approach to your learning within the multidisciplinary team.

5. Use your mentor for guidance and support to enable you to achieve your learning outcomes and satisfactorily complete your practice assessments.

6. Seek help from appropriate superiors or link lecturer if the mentor relationship is not working, to enable the achievement of the learning outcomes.

7. Utilize learning opportunities outside the practice placements and, where possible, work with specialist practitioners.

8. Give and receive constructive feedback.

9. Reflect on your progress to increase self-awareness, confidence and competence.


After placement tips

As a student you have a responsibility to:

1. Evaluate your achievements, looking at what you enjoyed and benefited from during your practice placement

2. Evaluate the placement itself

3. Prepare yourself for meetings with your personal tutor/lectures and for classroom discussion

4. Maintain regular contact with your personal tutor/lecturers/placement supervisor and keep them informed of any concerns or problems you may have, either within the placement or of a personal nature, that impact on your experiences.

5. Ensure that all practice placement documentation and assessments of practice submitted to the appropriate department are completed on the due date.

6. Reflect with your personal tutor/Lecturers/placement supervisor upon the practice experience and take action together where needed.


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