Health Tips

Health tips are always in the air, flying all over us.  Ringing in our ears but a lot of people deem it fit not to follow the tips. The health tips here are based on daily activities and MUST be followed for a healthy living.

left ear for phone calls


  1. Always answer your phone calls from the left ear, because the brain is closer the right ear.
   2. Do not take medicine with cold water, always take with lukewarm or hot water.
  3. Do not eat heavy meals after 5pm. Have heavy breakfast and light dinner.
  4.  Always drink more water in the morning and less in the night time for better digestion.


5.    The best time to relax the body and sleep is from 10pm – 4am.

Physical Activity


 6. Never lie down immediately after taking medicine. Take a walk or do some physical activity for quick digestion.

Phone on radiation

 7. Do not answer your phone calls  when the battery is less than 10% because the radiation is 1000 times stronger

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