Four things you shouldn’t do if your man is cheating

Cheating can break anybody, because it doesn’t feel good to be taken for a fool. If as a woman, you get to realise your husband is cheating, here are 4 things you shouldn’t think of doing.


Don’t make research on the other woman: Getting to know the things they have been involved in would only hurt you more. Your major focus should be how to win your man back. Don’t attempt getting to know her at all.

 nag (2)

Dis: One of the reactions that comes with situations like this, but dissing your husband isn’t an option,  fine, you are angry that he cheated and you just want to nag and rain abuses on him. Hey, two wrongs don’t make a right you know?  Don’t  give him room to justify his actions through your reaction. He might end up saying you are too aggressive and that was what motivated his action.


Fighting the other woman: Some women will trail the other woman, just to have a fight. This would definitely bring you low, and people will blame you for the act. You might not be lucky as the other woman might be stronger.


Packing out of your home: It’s a NO! don’t try it. You will only give her a free gate pass.

Go get back your man!!!


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