Dating guides for ladies


1. Be mindful of your looks and smell good.

2. Love yourself, regardless of your flaws

3. Don’t call first, remember there are wrong timings.

4. Don’t date guys that are taken (dating).

5. Be supportive.

6. Even when you are unhappy, smile (your life is perfect and definitely wants to fit in)

7. Limit your visitation.

8. Always make sure you are busy when he is around you. Even you are not busy, just get busy.

9. Don’t be a ‘future dreamer’ with him, let him call the shot.

10. Don’t take shit from people, do exactly what you want for your reasons .

11. Don’t talk much, whoever talks more have ┬ámuch to lose.

12. Once you say you are busy, it simply means you are. There’s no explanation for being busy.

13. His friends are definitely not your confidants or special advisers.

14. The percentage of your devotion in the relationship should be 30%, he can use the 70%

15. Always keep fit and stay beautiful.

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