I suppose quite a couple of nice guys and ladies have innocently attracted quite a number of admirers. Some of these “unofficial partners” have been so mesmerized by the perceived niceness that the line between friendship and relationship has been so blurred that it’s hardly recognisable anymore. At one time or the other, it is highly likely that you have come across someone that is “extra nice”, ” extra bright” or simply “extra something” that pleases you so well(maybe subconsciously). You just seem to feel at home with him or her. However, the problem with such ” friendtionships” is that they are built all too often on questionable foundation materials such as assumptions and flawed premises that will no doubt lead to hurtful, awful conclusions. While its Okay to have close friends, male and female alike; it is not advisable to maintain that level of closeness once you sense your emotions are creeping in…except you guys lay your cards on the table and sort things out. Every friendship/relationship needs a definition. This limits the incidence of unmet expectations and unnecessary heartbreak. His calling you so often does not mean you are the only one he cares about. Her paying you so much attention may not mean she has a thing for you. Get your head straight, set your priorities right and sit him/her down with the aim of getting things in their proper order. Otherwise, he/she might just end up being the best partner you never had.
On a concluding note, I’ll advise everyone not to toy with emotions. They are a most volatile, effervescent and deceptive constitution of the human make up. If u ain’t gonna eat it, try not to smell it… Cheers!

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Ikeoluwa is a Mechanical Engineer, who loves exploring the vast expanse of the universe and human mind. So don't be surprised if he is perfectly comfortable with fields that may be diametrically opposite . He writes, loves to conceptualize inventions, he loves Sci-Fi a lot.

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  1. If u ain’t gonna eat it, try not to smell it… This nailed it…Gbam!!!
    Canopy ministry is wrong!!! stop being that mr/miss nice guy at that innocently lonely emotionally weak fellow. 1 Cor.8:12 says NIV…When you sin against them in this way and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.

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