Bring back the sparks to your relationship

“Hey babe, there are couple of things I need you to know, I want you to know you leave me breathless, you make it feel this world is only occupied by you and I alone, and other people don’t exist”….. Now stop! I know you want a partner that will say this statement to you but are you sure you are worth it? Of course, the answer will be yes!.
Let’s see it from this perspective, when was the last time you complement your partner? We all want to be loved, but when last did you show love to your partner and make it feel like the first time. It’s no news that there is no perfection anywhere, but you just have to keep working towards perfection, so you can always be on track.
Don’t just tell your partner ” I love you”, show it, show your partner you are worth loving, do exactly what you want back from your partner to you. Love isn’t a part-time feeling, it’s a feeling that should always stay even when everything is gone. Love is just something you should always hold on to. Your relationship depends on both of you, you just have to maintain it together, remember, it takes two to tango. A strong relationship takes, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and PERSEVERANCE.

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