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Hullo folks…

Been a while I guess. I’ve missed you, did you miss me? #winks#

I think it wouldn’t be out of place for us to gist about bouncing back… After all, that’s what SMB is doing now. You see, when life seems to give you the knockout punch, the wind seems to be out of your sails and the only way out seem to be the way down… You may tell yourself: “why not go down anyway? After all, that’s the only direction life’s allowing me to go…” But may I ask you: do you really have to allow circumstances dictate the direction of your life?! Whose life is it anyway? If it’s really your life, who else but you, should determine where it goes?

May I challenge you: when life squeezes you into a corner and you feel like you are in a really tight spot, Just look at your adversity in the eyes and push right back at it! Convert the momentum of your fall into a rebounding potential that is able to turn the force of your impact against the opposition… Don’t hesitate to PUSH – Persevere Until Something (positive) Happens!

For you my friend, going back should not mean staying back. Rather, it should inspire fighting back! When life knocks you down, refuse to see it as a knock out. Spring right back to your feet, stand taller than you’ve ever been and press harder against your adversity with greater force than you did before. Before long, all what’s impervious and impossible will give way to the pleasant possibilities you’ve always imagined…

At SMB, we’re bouncing back… Wouldn’t you rather bounce back, higher and better with us?

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