10 annoying things guys do

There are several annoying behaviours in guys, that really get ladies upset. Some are intentional, while few aren’t . Guys tend to think women overreact to situations without trying to see things from a woman’s perspective.


1.Comment on another girl’s look

2. Make use of their phones while having a discussion with them

3. Drop their dirty underwear on the floor in the bedroom


4.Take women to family events and leave them stranded


5.Still keeping contact with his ex

6.Doing a comparison to other women

7.Not admitting to their mistakes

8.Mistaking their women for porn stars while having sex

9.Leaving the seat up when weeing and missing the target when weeing. The toilet bowl is BIG and yet you still miss the target

10. Wear too much cologne

11. Reply a long message with a single word

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