8 signs that you are with the right person.

8 Signs that show you are with the right person.

There are existing relationships that are almost perfect; I know you watch love movies all day, building your imagination on it and setting your own relationship into the situation ( I hope the snap of my fingers bring you back to realism). You can only have an almost perfect relationship because nobody is perfect. If relationships were perfect, trust me, they will be very boring and annoying. Your relationship must be tested, that adds to the fun and happiness. (Let’s forget about how perfection and imperfection fits into a relationship)
Identifying how good a relationship is, isn’t a difficult task. You are just meant to take note of those little things and consider how cool your partner handles issues. Little things show how suited you are for each other.
1. They are first person you want to share your joy and pains with: When
anything goes wrong or right that special person is always the first to know to get the gist. The news isn’t cool until that special person gets to know.
2. They can tell of your mood before you say a word: As soon as you sight each other you already know what the mood is, this means there’s something special about both of you.
3. Independence outside the relationship: Even when you are not together, you can still survive apart. You need to be together to feel perfect.
4. They are your best friend:  The requisite for relationship should be friendship. Your partner must be your pal, they should be someone you can talk to about everything. That special person must understand you at any point in time. This brings about less offence and much good.
5. Liberally make fun of you: Just like cool friend, they know exactly where and how to make your laugh.
6. You feel are comfortable when people see you together: There is no one hiding or avoiding being seen together. Now that is the joy of it. You don’t care about the looks you just want to be seen together.
7. They are always on your team: This means they are always on your site even if you are wrong. They can go on and on retweeting you to whack jokes or hitting the like button of Facebook for you
8. You trust them wholeheartedly : You will agree with me that Oliver King totally trust, Hannah spears in Mega Church Murder; even when Hannah feels Oliver’s father was responsible for her father’s death. She still trusted with her and of course, he didn’t fail her.

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