6 Signs you are with your Soul Mate

Having a soul mate goes beyond just having a partner in a union. Soul mate is a more complex word compared to partner. Here is the difference, your partner will be available for some time and might endure some of your temperamental effect while your soul mate will act as a partner and beyond that, he/she understands your temperament. It’s safer to be with your soul mate rather than a partner.
1.  They stand together against all odds : There will be ups and downs, admirers of either of you that doesn’t want you to be taken , family conflicts might also come up , amidst all these you must stand firm as one. Don’t be in a haste to accept negative comments against your soul mate. You don’t need to share your list of problems with family and friends, just keep calm and sought things out. Try as much as possible to clear things between the both of you rather than sharing it with a third party, because just like movie, some people are waiting to see the end of your union.
2.  They don’t nag or try to keep up with the score: Let’s get this straight , we are all human and at some point, we get angry due to some little misunderstanding . While in a relationship/ union, you don’t just get and angry and walk over it or you start nagging over issues, then you start to record the scores…. nah! Instead of going through the stress of keeping the score or nagging , save the energy on settling the issu like adults.
3. They are on the ‘laugh team’ : Your life won’t be perfect but you will always be happy with each other. The both of you are playmates, close friends and every thing interesting to each other. A good sense of humour is hard to find, as soon as you find that one person that makes you laugh till you can’t laugh again and all you can do is to jump while you manage to laugh. Hold on to that one person.
4. Your world spins with every little thing they do: You will suddenly realise sex isn’t the only way to express your feelings, there are other ways . You get to realise sex is just one of the list of ways to express yourself in a relationship.
5. They are down – to -earth: Being with someone for months will amount to a lot of things . It means you will get to relaise the flaws in the person. You don’t need to prove anything just have a bite of the humble pie and come up with soothing statements like “I’m sorry” “I know its my fault” I know this seem like holding on to a white fabric and someone is trying to prove to you its red but you just have to let go. Remember you are trying to have a peaceful life, and it doesn’t make you less
6.  They feel comfortable discussing their past : Discussing the past is what a lot people stay away from, but that shouldn’t happen with you. You must find a way to feel comfortable sharing your past. Personally, I laugh over my soul mate’s past, not because they are cool, but because i’ve learnt that the past will always be past memories and memories are meant to be shared , good or bad.

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