6 Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating is one act 80% of the singles population are guilty of . It sure comes with fun and every feeling that comes with dating you have seen. However, there are some mistakes you make even without realising them, these mistakes are applicable to both male and female.

Too Eager – Too eager is too desperate, imagine you get to meet your kind of person online and you got talking, then suddenly, the other party start to act desperate, don’t  you think you will take a run? Just be calm and don’t try to get the control button, let it be passed to you.

Getting Personal – It’s ok to ask questions to get to know the person, but asking personal questions! Nope! Don’t go there, it’s not ok to ask personal questions about someone you don’t know.

Not knowing what you want – Some online daters don’t even know what they want. They pick their phones and hit the www. They just end up causing heartbreaks. Before you hit the site, please be sure of what you want.

Untrue Stories- Some online daters can actually bag  Ph.D with their lies, I call them ‘Smooth Criminals’ If you get to meet a smooth criminal, everything will seem so perfect that you won’t believe things can go down. Don’t be a smooth criminal because no one wants to be hurt. Fill your profile correctly, don’t lie about the age or anything else.

Boring text- Even if your life is boring, you don’t have pass it to other people by replying with absurd texts like ‘Ok’, ‘K’, ‘Aiit’, ‘Oh’ these are super boring replies and it hurts. And if you replying with a long text, read it to yourself, if it makes you want to yawn, please do something about it.

Timing – If your reply always come late, there’s only one definition to it… “not interested” and at the same time, if you reply before the other person push the send button you are desperate. Learn to moderate things.

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