5 Ways to Stop Discord in the Home

Stop discord in the home

Stop Avenging 

It sure takes two to tango, yet it takes at least two to argue, however, when one begins to listen instead of speaking, the boiling anger might start to cool off. Maintain your self esteem and dignity by controlling yourself. Always remember that peace in the home is extremely important than winning an argument.

Do more of Listening :

One simple but great rule to having a peaceful family is to acknowledge your family members’ feelings. Listen without interrupting or pre judging them. Don’t attribute to malice.

Keep your Volume Down and your Tone Pacifying:

Avoid been sarcastic, insulting or raising your voice no matter how offended you may feel. Avoid harmful accusations like ” You don’t ever listen to me ” or ” You don’t care about me”. Instead tell your partner calmly, how you are affected by his/her decisions or conduct.

Don’t be too ‘big’ to Apologise:

Negative emotions easily get in the way and cause you to lose sight of your main objective – peace making. Remember, if the both of you fight, you both lose but if the both of you make peace, you both win.

Never Stoop to Verbal or Physical Abuse :

Anger is cheap, it there makes it easy to involve verbal or physical abuse. Avoid letting out your anger. Keep calm and handle the situation.

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