5 Things to say to Make your Partner Feel Loved

“I’m proud of you”
Things might get bad but no matter how bad things get, you must always tell your partner you are proud to him/ her. It shows ultimate support.
“I sincerely appreciate you”
You can’t get wrong for thanking your partner for everything they do. Saying thank you is a really great thing to do. Everyone loves to be appreciated.
” I’m sorry”
To really show your partner how much you love him/ her, you must be ready to apologise whenever you are wrong.
“We are on the same team”
Not only that you are dating, but you are a team and you must always have each other’s back. It’s a setting of two against the world.  
” You got this”
Encouragement comes from different directions but yours should supersede every other form. Telling your partner he/ she can face a challenge is half the win.

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