5 Signs he is not a cheat

It’s been weeks, and i’ve sincerely missed you guys… Uhm to those that checked on me, i’m happy you did… Gracias!!!
Today, I’ll be directly talking to the ladies, if you have a man and you are worried about him… You don’t know if he’s cheating or not… Well here’s the gist, ¬†you are likely to know after going through this.
The kinds of friends he keeps : Birds of a feather fly together. This is the exact situation we are referring to. If his friends are loyal to their partners, then he is to you. If they are not loyal, trust me, he’s I to something you don’t know yet.
Reciprocal : He feels loved and trusted, so he does the same to you. He showers you with love, affection and trust. If you are showing him so much love and he isn’t on that page with you… Darling, you know exactly what’s happening.
Too perfect to cheat: Some men are just too perfect and to calm to be considered a cheat… You must met a man like that, here’s the deal if within yourself , you have no doubt about him, then keep calm. But if despite his calm act, you feel there’s a different person.. Then do something about him.
The Extrovert and Introvert: Extroverts are less likely to be influenced by friends, they are mostly strong willed and stand for exactly what they want to do. Introverts are the people u call the agreeable ones, they don’t speak but easily get twistedby other people , so they are likely to cheat.
Communication : I place this last because most of you feel its just about the call, sure it’s about the call but not totally that…do you the time he calls matters a lot. Look at it from this perspective, if he only calls at a particular time, it means he’s holding back to call you at this time. If you re in this kinf of situation,try to miss his calls at that time and call him 20mins after the actual time calls .The thing is don’t follow a routine in your relationship.

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