5 Hobbies that can make you some money

Being idle is one thing most people can’t reckon with. I have a friend that once got sick because he got a break from work for two days, that shows the extent which people really love to get busy. I thought about things people do at leisure that can make them money. Work and play can make a good product


WRITING is one thing that comes naturally to some people. There are people that are gifted with writing so much that as soon as they get hold of a pen, their senses are filled with ideas of things to write about. After writing, place them on sale online. You can try Fiverr.




There are lots of people who need graphic designs. You might just be their lucky pick, show your friends what you are capable of doing. The next knock at your door step might just be a connection.



One of the most selling and profitable talent is comedy. Is it not amazing how you can just make 2-3 statements and have thousands of people showing their 42. Try to look for show organisers and let them know what you can do, you might get enlisted. You can try to see those that have events in your neighbourhood and start something new.




Most times, writers skip words in their writings because they have written it in their head and end up thinking it had been written. Since you love reading, you can offer to go through the book or work on editing other people’s work and get paid. You can look up for online advert to get you informed.



Wouldn’t it be nice to make money from doing something to you love so much. You can into wedding photography or take random pictures and place them for sale. Shutter stock might be waiting for you to turn up.

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