5 babies! An unemployed newly wedded man

Mr Uduehi and his newly expanded family

Who says God doesn’t bless his own? An unemployed newly wed just got an extreme bundle of joy, guess what? His wife delivered quintuplets (5 babies) don’t they look cute?
Their father; Mr Imudia Uduehi, got married to his wife in less than a year, and now has raised his pleading voice to the good people of Nigeria to help him and his family. Mr Imudia Uduehi hails from Ekpoma in Esan West LGA in Edo state, and he is an unemployed graduate. He made an appeal during an interview session with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Wednesday.
He revealed that his quintuplet were delivered at the National Hospital Abuja on the 12th of April and also made it known that the babies and their mother are in perfect health condition.
“I am delighted and I thank God to have blessed us with these healthy children, I know it is a huge responsibility because it is not easy raise even one child. I am however, appealing to the government, well –meaning Nigerians and cooperate organisations to come and support my family in raising these children. I want everyone to see these children not just as a blessing to us but also a blessing to the entire nation.” Uduehi said.
The blessed mother; Mrs Oluwakemi Uduehi also expressed her joy on the safe delivery she had and also expressed how glad she is on the natural delivery of her five baby girls. Mrs Uduehi; a civil servant is also appealing to every Nigerian to come to support their newly expanded family.
She said “My husband is presently searching for a job and I am a civil servant with the Nigerian Population Commission in Abuja. We both live in one bedroom apartment in Lugbe because that is what we can afford. But now that God has blessed us with five children, we will definitely need a bigger apartment and money to meet their needs especially buying baby food and clothes”
Father : 07034638714 Mother: 08059781339

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